Ellie Bianca

Australian Sandalwood Hand Soap


Hand crafted with the highest quality, ecocert approved ingredients in Canada, our hand soap promotes a healthy skin microbiome that protects against infections by managing impact at a cellular level.

200x Aloe vera Leaf Juice: Powerful moisturizing properties that calm and soften dry skin
Sodium Lactate & Glycerin: These powerful humectants increase moisture retention in skin leaving hands hydrated after every wash.
Chamomile Botanical Extract: Soothes dry, irritated and cracked skin while calming a restless mind.
Sandalwood Essential Oil: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent, enjoy the many skin benefits of sandalwood essential oil.


Lather over wet skin and rinse away for exceptionally clean and smooth hands. Inhale deeply to experience the aromatic benefits.